What is Mobile Number Portability?
Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the ability for mobile telephone subscribers to switch to a new mobile service provider, while retaining their existing mobile number

who can port?
Both prepaid and postpaid mobile telephone users can port. Business/Corporate accounts holders can also port their mobile numbers, subject to the NCC Business rules document, available on www.ncc.gov.ng

What do you need to consider carefully before you port?

For prepaid users, you need to know that all existing credit will expire upon successful porting and will not be carried to the new mobile service provider. Therefore, you are encouraged to plan accordingly.
• You need to understand that the services, call charges and packages offered by the new mobile service provider may differ from your current mobile service provider. Do your research first.
• The timing of the change. Are you planning to travel during the porting process? There may be an impact on international roaming if you travel during the porting process and if a prior understanding is not reached with the current mobile service provider.
• You need to know that value added services differ from one mobile service provider to another. The services that are on offer may not be the same as what you previously had.

When can I request to port?
You can request to port during the business hours of all authorized MNP porting centres which is the service centres or shops of your new mobile service provider

Can I port my number more than once?

Yes, but you cannot make more than one MNP request within a forty-five (45) day

Can I change my mind about porting even though my port request has been submitted?

If the confirmatory text has not been sent then by not sending it, the porting request will be automatically timed out and canceled after 48hrs. In the event you have sent the confirmatory text, the only condition that a port request can be reversed is due to a fraudulent port. Please contact your old Service provider.

Who should consumers contact if they want to port their number to a new carrier?

Consumers should contact their prospective new carrier, who will start the porting process.

What is the porting process?
The new carrier will first confirm the consumer’s identity and then make a porting request to the old carrier through the porting Clearinghouse.

When consumers go to their new carrier to port a number, they should bring along an identification, which will have their correct name and address as it appears in the SIM Registration database. This will aid in making the porting process go smoothly.

Once a valid porting request has been made, the old carrier cannot refuse to port a number.

Are carriers allowed to charge for number porting, and, if so, how much can the charges be?
Subscribers will not be charged for Porting in Nigeria

How long will the porting process take?
The porting process should take approximately two (2) days from the time the porting request is made

Will I still enjoy the same services during the porting process?
Yes, you will still enjoy the same services during the porting process.

After porting, will I enjoy the same value added services from the new mobile service provider?
No, you can only port your number and not value-added services. You must re-register for all the value-added services that you want to subscribe to with the new service provider. You need to know that new service provider is not obligated to provide identical value-added services.

Can I port my number if I am on a prepaid service?
Yes, both prepaid and postpaid mobile customers can request for a port to either a prepaid or postpaid plan with the new mobile service provider.

I have a company cellphone, can I port my number?

Not unless you are given written permission from your company allowing your number to be ported.