Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability allows consumers and businesses to keep their existing telephone numbers when they switch over to another service provider. Number portability continues to grow in popularity, creating more competitive markets and greater choice for subscribers. It gives subscribers the freedom to choose operators based on criteria like services, price and customer service.

Our Number Portability Clearinghouse serves as a central point and number repository that ensures any number can be easily ported between any of the operators in Nigeria. By operators utilizing the same set of rules for handling port requests, number exchanges occur quickly and accurately. The clearinghouse further improves number porting administration by controlling and tracking the flow of messages

Our overall success hinges on unwavering technical and consultative support from a leading number portability specialist.

Benefit of mobile number portability

Mobile Number Portability benefits everyone. Its core benefit of MNP is that subscribers get to change their network operators without changing their numbers.

Advantages to subscribers

  • It allows a customer to choose the network they prefer based on aspects such as customer care, quality of service, value added services and the cost of communicating on the network.
  • It also Reduces switching cost in aspects like – cost of updating marketing and business materials, notifying family members, repainting business vans because of changed numbers e.t.c.
  • It empowers the consumer to be a lifelong owner of his phone number and fosters additional choice and convenience in communication services and providers with whom they do business.

Advantages to operators

  • It boosts the level of open competition among networks operators.
  • Easier for new entrants to gain market share.
  • Acts as incentive for service providers to improve on quality of service and customer satisfaction.
  • It also makes it easier for operators to compete for customers, precisely because it eliminates a major barrier to churn (that is, reluctance to change numbers).