ICN Message HUB

SMS Hubbing is a new structure for the efficient flow of SMS between operators, reshaping the way that international/local mobile inter-operability works by implementing hubs to intermediate between the SMS traffic and to offer a larger SMS coverage.

The Message Hub consists of a physical SMS Gateway in Nigeria which receives inbound SMS and processes them, this provides the port correction function and traffic aggregation without modifying global title data.

The solution can be extended to support MMS and other forms of Mobile Content, e.g USSD.

What are the benefits?
  • With the SMS Hubbing model, an operator looking to increase their international/local SMS coverage does not need to manage multiple bi-lateral agreements. Operators and service providers can simply access this by connecting to a hub.
  • Using a Hub solution removes the requirement to distribute the data outside of the operator community while also ensuring optimal and correct routing.
  • The SMS Hubbing model reduces complexity for the operators, as well as the cost for SMS interworking agreements. Mobile subscribers also take advantage of an enlarged SMS reach, being able to send and receive message to all countries and networks.