All Call Query/Resolver Routing (ACQ)

All calls need an Intelligent Network (IN) look-up to determine the terminal Network of a call; however there are additional IN Look-ups that have to be done for ported and non-ported numbers. ICN ACQ platform supports HTML.


The scenario follows:

Customer sends a query for the dialed number to our Number Portability Database (NPDB), the NPDB provides a routing number associated with the dialed number from the NPDB, the customer uses the routing number to route the call to the current serving network.


What are the benefits?

  • Prevent revenue leakage. Correctly identify type of service and terminating service provider for direct routing and accurate rating and billing.
  • Reduce costs. Minimize commercial risk, unnecessary conveyance fees, and exposure to ‘cherry-picking’ caused by number portability and mobile termination rate variations.
  • Improve operational efficiency. Save money, time, and resources by relying on a single source of continuously updated, authoritative global dial codes and number portability-corrected routing data.